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To simplify the excel formula and get percentage, divide value by total, select the entire column, click format cells, click on percentage and click OK.

Excel Formula for Percentage

Plenty of excel formulas are there to overpower every problem in our daily lives. Some formulas are common in nature and you can use them in every situation. Excel formula for percentage is not different from them. It is being widely used while doing routine work in offices and even in homes. It does not matter whether you are doing a budget analysis or just want to calculate percentage of your total marks. Excel formula for percentage is there to help you in this regard. Worth to mention here that we are not taking about any specific function. We are just talking about simple percentage formula. It should be noted that this formula is not specifically used in excel, it can be used in any calculator as it is just a simple math formula rather than excel formula.

Excel Formula for Percentage

Is it Excel or Math Formula for Percentage?

Rather than excel formula consider it a simple and basic math formula. We have studied that if we want to calculate percentage we have to divide numerator (the number on top of the fraction) by the denominator (the number on the bottom of the fraction) and then finally multiply the obtained answer by 100 (hundred). This formula will look as follows.


For instance, if we want to calculate percentage of our marks (considering that we have obtained 40 marks out of 75), the formula will work in the following manner:


Excel Formula for Percentage:

We have a table of five students as an example, each one obtained marks as per his effort. In this example we will apply excel formula to get percentage of students in 5th column.

Total marks will remain same (75) for every student. In column E, we are gonna apply percentage formula. Click on any cell and write:


See picture below:

Excel Formula for Percentage

You can drag this cell to apply the formula to entire rows. Alternatively, you can select the requisite cells and may press CTRL+D to apply formula on those cells. See picture below.

Simplifying the Formula:

Nevertheless we can simplify the formula and get percentage symbol (%) with marks. There are many methods to do so. However, the simplest method is to select the entire column -> click format cells -> from Number tab click on Percentage -> Choose 2 decimal places and click OK.

You will get something like this:

You will notice that we are facing problem in this case. In order to solve this issue we just need the value (numerator/denominator). Excel will automatically multiply it with 100.

Edit the applied formula, which should look like this:

Then drag the cell to apply it on the entire row.

You can increase and decrease the decimal places while g selecting the entire column -> clicking on format cells -> from Number Tab click on Percentage -> Choosing 0 decimal places and clicking on OK.

Download .xls Excel Formula for Percentage file.
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