Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan | For New Bloggers

To be honest, no good adsense alternative is available in Pakistan. Regardless of that if you want to try some adsense alternatives Pakistan they are:

Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan | For New Bloggers

Google adsense is at first that appears in mind when it comes to advertisement. However, there are certain policies which are necessary to be followed in order to continue doing business with adsense. Policy violation can get you banned for life. Fortunately, some good adsense alternatives are there in Pakistan. Some of them comes in the category of affiliate marketing whereas remaining are similar to adsense.

Why Adsense Alternatives?

People especially in Pakistan feel many difficulties in signing up for adsense. Firstly, they do not approve small websites or blogs. Small here means websites with low traffic. It is said that adsense does not care about traffic but it is not right. Google wants reasonable pageviews. Secondly, there is a address verification issue. Due to bad postal service, many people do not receive their PIN. Ultimately, it suspends showing ads on website for many months until you submit documents and verify your address. As a result, people start looking some good adsense alternatives in Pakistan.

Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan:

To be honest, good adsense alternatives are not available in Pakistan. Regardless of that people try some monetization methods to earn money but many of them are not even close to adsense. Here are some adsense alternatives that you can try in Pakistan.

  • affiliation
  • Infolinks
  • Propellerads Affiliation:

Affiliate Marketing can be a solution for you if you want to earn money on commission. claims that reasonable commission is given to partners. They say that with daraz affiliate partnership anyone can earn upto $100,000. Procedure is very much simple. Signup and join affiliate marketing, find a product, promote it, track sales and earn commissions. Commission can be upto 11% but daraz pays you only in case the customer buys product within thirty days. Payment is done through wire or through cheque.

If you run blog from Pakistan but have good traffic from European countries then can be one of the good adsense alternatives. In facts, it is one of the biggest adsense alternatives in Pakistan. has contextual and native ads. People from other countries give positive reviews about it. However, to be honest, for Pakistani traffic it is uselss. Nevertheless, they see quality not quantity. Mostly, websites with low traffic but quality content are approved.


Infolinks is not an adsense alternatives but a useless hope. In reply to an FAQ “How much can i earn?” they reply “Sky is the Limit” but believe me it is just a famous quote. It does not give you any real money. Their CPM rates are too low. Furthermore, they have limited ad types. New bloggers try Infolinks and when they got nothing they become depressed but it is reality even the experienced bloggers from Pakistan give negative reviews for Infolinks.


If you have copyrighted content on your site then propellerads is the best solution for you. Their popup ads generate good revenue. If you are thinking about trying propellerads then use only popup ads. For bloggers it is not suitable. Popup ads are annoying. However, if you have a website that provide movies links or something like that then you can try propellerads.

Conclusion (No Adsense Alternatives in Pakistan):

Suffice is to say that adsense alternatives are not there in Pakistan. If you want to earn money on internet either through youtube or blog then adsense is necessary for you. I do not say that you should not try above said alternative but believe me it is a wastage of time. Instead of wasting time in finding adsense alternatives in Pakistan work hard on your blog. Try to grab attention of search engines and get good traffic. Adsense always does business with sites having good traffic.

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